5 Things to Do on a Trip to Fujairah with Kids 

Known as the Norway of the Middle East, Fujairah was a mesmerizing respite in this weather. 

During summer in UAE, it is always a tussle to plan a holiday if there is a long break coming up. Either we choose to fly to a cold destination or look for avenues within the (seven) Emirates to seek revive. My internet research landed on this beautiful property in Al Fujayrah or Fujairah. So, we started planning for our trip to Fujairah with the kids. 

The hotel booking was quite simple. We did it through their website after ensuring that the resort had the following amenitities: 

  • Kids play area 
  • Separate Pool area for kids 
  • Activities involving kids 
  • Spa or other relaxation access 
  • A room with an amazing view

Road Trip from Dubai

It took us less than two hours to reach Dibba, an area in the Fujairah Emirate where our resort was located. The trip itself was so alluring with the range of magnanimous Hajar Mountains on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other.


If you are a resident of the UAE or have come to visit, a trip to Fujairah with kids is a must. The best thing about the city is that it is cooler than other emirates, which makes it a more appealing choice during the harsh summers.  

According to the global database worlddatainfo.com, Fujairah maintains an average of 33 degrees temperature compared to above 35 (sometimes even 40) in Dubai in the month of June. During winter, the temperatures have dropped to a low of 16 degrees in the month of January in Fujairah. Though it was humid and hot during our visit in June, it was still bearable compared to Dubai. 

So, whether it is winter or summer, a trip to Fujairah with kids can be thoroughly enjoyed. 

Things to do in Fujairah

We know that planning a trip with kids in the picture can pose certain restrictions. But you will be amazed to find so many activities in the city and near areas which can be so amusing for the kids as well.  

1. Snorkelling and Diving at Snoopy Island

Named after its rocky structure that resembles the image of a dog lying on its back, Snoopy Island is a treat for both children and adults. You can take a boat or swim to the island during low tides. Kids will be amazed to see the turtles, fishes, and other sea creatures in the crystal-clear water. If you have kids old enough, do experience the snorkeling to fully relish the underwater. Guided scuba diving tours are also available for a fee and you can go on diving excursions to the nearby islands as well.

2. Go, Forts Hopping

It is so essential to acquaint our kids with the history and culture of the place we reside. Historical architectures such as the Fujairah Fort, the Al Hayl Fort, Al Bithnah Fort, Fujairah Museum are places to stop during your trip to Fujairah with kids. It will be quite thrilling for kids to know that the Fujairah Fort was built in 1670 and is the oldest fort in the whole of UAE. Don’t miss Fujairah City’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is the second biggest mosque in the UAE after the well-known Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Basking the artifacts of the old architecture, you can even relish the breathtaking views from the hilltops where these forts are mostly located. 

3. Kalba Bird of Prey Centre and Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre

Kids are going to love the wildlife conservation centers located in the vicinity. Abundant in flora and fauna, home to more than 30 species, kids will also be thrilled to see some leopards and snakes at the center. There is a facility of golf carts available for the kids and elderlies to make movement more comfortable on the over 12 km stretch site.

4. Al Rafisah Dam (Khorfakkan)

The majestic Hajar mountains are also home to Al Rafisah Dam, which is a famous picnic spot for families. You can enjoy the view and spot some wildlife in the area. If you have time and the weather is apt, this spot must be included in your trip to Fujairah with the kids.

5. Pick the Right Resort

Though the list can be long for things to do in Fujairah with kids, let’s be practical we don’t want very exhausting excursions with children, especially if they are small. So, choosing a hotel that offers activities and avenues for the kids will be such a relief. We chose a resort that had an amazing ocean view from the room. It also had a kid’s play area where we took them during the day. The resort also had a separate pool for the kids which was big enough to accommodate the parents as well. We never felt the need to go anywhere out in our stay of three days.

If you weren’t able to go anywhere there can still be many ways to spend your holidays with kids in Dubai

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