Gifting Ideas for Young Nieces and Nephews 

As parents, we get invitations for numerous birthday parties and we consider ourselves quite a pro in choosing gifts for kids. But when it comes to gifting kids who are closely related, it becomes quite a challenge. There are so many factors to keep in mind if you are choosing a gift for your niece or nephew.

The gift must be thoughtful and something that they would really love. You can’t just go and pick a chocolate box and gift it to your niece or nephew. No matter what age they are, it is always special to receive gifts from uncles and aunts, make sure you find the right thing. 

First, let’s go through some of the factors that help us in choosing the perfect gift for our nieces or nephews.

  • Budget – We go a little overboard when choosing a birthday gift for a relative, especially if it’s a child. However, it will be a good idea to have a budget in mind. That will also help you to narrow down the gifts and not get confused about picking the right one. 
  • Closeness. People tend to be invested more in buying a gift for their niece or nephew if they are close. The child would also be anticipating some special gift from their aunt or uncle. This takes us to the next point. 
  • Surprise or no surprise element. If you are close enough or do not want to guess and waste time, just ask the kid what they would like to have as a gift. Thankfully, kids don’t believe in formalities and will be happy to reveal what they wish to receive as their birthday gift. This always helps so much in making a purchase. Alternatively, if you want to surprise them with something they would love, simple – ask their parents! 
  • Return Favours. This point also roots from the point mentioned above. Sometimes, we are not very close to the family but ought to gift because of an occasion or a formality. Remind yourself what the parents gifted you or your children and buy accordingly. Though it is still totally okay to give what you wish or could afford, irrespective of what you got, sometimes people keep this in mind to maintain a cordial relationship.

Types of Gifts for Your Niece or Nephew

1. Toys

Toys are the most obvious ones when we think of gifts for our nieces or nephews. It is still a great option if you can find something unique or if something has been specifically demanded by them. However, I feel that giving a toy is too easy and even if you are giving one, combining it with something more personal and intimate will be a wonderful idea.

2. Jewellery

 In some cultures, like for us Indians, giving jewelry is part of our tradition. It is more relevant for the girl children but boys are also given, no matter what their age is. Mostly, babies and infants are gifted this as they can even wear it after they grow up. It is a durable gift and is considered an asset for the family. People gift pendants, bracelets, bangles, chains, anklets, or earrings made of gold, silver, or any other metal, depending on their budget.

3. Clothes

Though this option might seem ordinary compared to the two mentioned above, clothes are still my favorite gift for my nieces and nephews. The biggest reason for this is because clothes are a necessity. It will definitely be used, well, unless you give a small size (which happens all the time 🙁). You can take winter wear (jackets or pullovers), or gift a stack of summer clothes. All you have to do is decide on a budget and go shop!

4. Customized Gifts

These are the most thoughtful gifts to gift your niece or nephew. Anything that has been created with so much love and effort will certainly win hearts. Depending on what skills you have or what extra mile you are ready to go, there can be options such as – knitting a nice sweater or scarf, getting a photo framed, engraved gifts and pieces of jewelry, personalized coffee mugs, or t-shirts. Just think out of the box. The more unique it is, the more delightful gift it will be for your niece or nephew.

5. Gift Card

People might think it’s just convenient, but I say it’s convenient plus so much fun. Get a gift card either of a store or an online marketplace and watch them be thrilled to buy whatever they want. It’s like giving them the opportunity to choose their own gift. If your nieces or nephews are very young, they will be super thrilled by the idea of picking a toy or whatever they want from the store.

These were some of the most thoughtful gift ideas you can buy for your nieces and/or nephews and become a great aunt/ uncle on any upcoming occasion. The best gift still would be time. Be involved if you can in planning their birthday party and show them your excitement.

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