How To Spend Eid Holidays With Family in Dubai

We all wait for the Eid holidays as it gives us a festive opportunity to spend some quality time with our family. If you are a resident of Dubai or any part of this country, you can imagine the struggles of planning a holiday during summer. We have already approached the end of June, which means experiencing the peak of this hot season. However, who would want to miss the upcoming 6-day (9 if you take 1 day off) long leave announced after the declaration by the federal government?

We keep ourselves so occupied in the day-to-day routines that when the time comes to actually plan a holiday trip, it gets too late. The unavailability of hotels or soaring prices of flight tickets to every other destination you were eyeing to visit for so long seems unfathomable.

But I have decided to not Eid Al Adha holidays go by sitting idly at home. UAE is a hub of some of the most luxurious and exquisite hotels and resorts in the world. The good news is, because summer is not a very exciting season for tourists from outside the country, you might get deals that are quite affordable. But if the idea of a getaway or staycation seems meh, there are so many more ways to spend your Eid al Adha holidays with your family in the UAE.

Places To go with Family

1. Malls

No matter how long you have been living in Dubai, you can never stop being fascinated by the malls. Whether it is the humungous Dubai Mall or the super interesting Ibn Battuta Mall, kids can have a range of full-day activities to keep them entertained. For us, the Eid Al Adha holidays come as an opportunity because most of the time either the crowd in malls or our own pending chores stop us to make such plans. You can find gaming arcades, play areas, recreation rooms, etc suiting your child’s age and preferences. The Ice rink at the Mall of Emirates can also be a great option for kids of all ages.

2. Movies

Though theatres are placed in malls in Dubai, I would still consider it to be a different activity. Watching a cinema in a hall can be an experience we don’t have regularly, especially if you have small kids. Take this as an opportunity; club it with a meal or shopping and a day can be well spent with family during these Eid al Adha holidays.

3. Evenings at Beach

Beaches can seem like an impractical idea in this hot weather. However, during the evenings and early mornings, you can still enjoy a dip in the Arabian Sea without being scorched by the sun. Especially during the evenings, as the sand gets cooler, you can have more time with kids to enjoy the pristine beaches. Please bear in mind that the temperatures are still soaring as the day progresses.

4. Indoor Parks, Aquariums, and Museums

Places like the Rainforest, The Children’s City, or the Dubai Aquarium, can all be great spots to visit during the Eid Al Adha holidays. Children wouldn’t mind revisiting such places so don’t hesitate. You will also be able to find discounted rates for the Museum of the Future, which I know was so challenging to find during the peak tourist season in Dubai.

5. Staycation

The last and my favorite one will still be picking a resort in any one of the Emirates and staying for a couple of days. Bear in mind that will have to mostly spend the days indoors, so pick a property that offers varied amenities and entertainment options indoors. There are some of the most lavish hotels that are offering discounts and deals during the off-season. One with a waterpark or a spa would really be a wonderful idea. Hotels also keep their pool temperatures low so you can enjoy your swim and have a splendid time.


Even if it is the last minute, don’t get anxious watching others making plans to go to this country or that. You can still chalk out an amusing plan for the eid adha holidays and include a variety of options from the aforementioned ideas.

And if nothing substantial can be concocted, time at home with family can still be so joyous. If you fear that kids will just be glued to the screens, read this to look for more ideas to keep them busy – 10 ideas to wean a child off-screen.

Since we are residing in a place where the whole city has been built to survive extreme temperatures, we can have entertainment options all year round. Don’t let this sun above steal the joy out of the unique opportunity of spending some quality time with your family.

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