Popular Babymoon Destinations Across UAE in 2023 

Congratulations on your upcoming baby! Your little one is assured to bring abundant happiness in your lives. But things are going to change too.

Once your bundle of joy arrives, time alone with your loved one might get trickier to spend, at least in the initial few months. A babymoon, which is a vacation spent by the soon-to-be parents before the arrival of their baby can be a time to relax and rejuvenate for the time that waits ahead. If you are planning one, then you reached the right place.  

In a country comprising some of the largest sand dunes, crystal-clear beaches, and glittering skyscrapers, there are abundant options for babymoon destinations in UAE. Whether you are a resident or a tourist flying from a nearby country, UAE is the perfect choice.  

Babymoon destinations in UAE are becoming quite popular. With proper planning and care, your time spent with your partner will be no less than dreamy.

Before listing the properties, it is crucial to go through the basic precautions to keep in mind if you are planning to travel during pregnancy. 

    • Check with your doctor. Please do not rely on any medical advice or recommendations you get online. For any such thing, your gynecologist is the only person to reach out and answer your queries. Ask questions related to your travel such as what the safest period will be to travel during pregnancy. How much can you exert? Any food restrictions you need to follow? And any more such questions in your mind. Ask them all! Especially, if you have any complications in your pregnancy, it is highly suggested that you take your doctor’s approval. 

    • Picking the destination. Although there are several mesmerizing babymoon destinations in UAE, picking one that won’t exert much is crucial. Plan on spending a relaxed outing rather than an adventurous one. Hotels and resorts offering spas and restaurants with comfortable seating would be an ideal option for spending quality time with your loved one. Another essential aspect will be to consider if your place of stay is well connected to the main city. In case of an emergency, it will be hugely convenient to have a hospital or clinic close by. 

    • Travel. Although most of the babymoon destinations in UAE are within a drive of an hour or two, still it is good to know about the precautions while taking a road trip during pregnancy. If you are flying, do check with the airlines as many airlines will ask for a medical certificate if you are beyond 26 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. Also, though the second trimester (between 13 and 28 weeks) is recommended as a safe time during pregnancy to travel, it will be good to check with your doctor.

    • Plan your budget. Babymoon can be an extraordinary time for both of you and deserves your complete focus on spending quality time. Having said that it is also true that with the new responsibilities coming, you would want to spend wisely. Whatever your preferences are that is totally up to you. You can find babymoon destinations in UAE fitting your budget easily across the Emirates. 

    • Remember to keep all the medications and keep stretching and taking breaks if the road trip seems uneasy at any point.

If you have taken care of the above-mentioned factors, let’s embark now on the list of possible destinations that you can choose as your babymoon destinations in UAE. Do ask for any offers going on as many well-known hotels and resorts are now offering babymoon packages because of its apparent growing popularity in the country. 

Ras-Al-Khaimah (RAK)

It is one of the most beautiful emirates in UAE. Following are a few of the most exquisite properties in RAK where you are assured to have a fulfilling experience.

  1. Marjan Island Resort & Spa Managed By Accor
  2. The Cove Rotana Resort – Ras Al Khaimah
  3. Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Beach Resort
  4. Hampton By Hilton Marjan Island
  5. Mövenpick Resort Al Marjan Island
  6. Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

Abu Dhabi

UAE’s largest city has some of the most magnificent skyscrapers and historical architecture as well. There are ample places when it comes to choosing a babymoon destination in UAE.

  1. Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort 
  2. Rosewood Abu Dhabi 
  3. Le Meridien Abu Dhabi 
  4. The St. Regis Abu Dhabi 
  5. Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental


The glittering, buzzing global city is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations for people across the world. Therefore, when it comes to picking a babymoon destination in UAE, there are many resorts and places you can choose from. I have picked a few of the most popular ones in the city, where you are guaranteed to have an enthralling experience.

  1. Atlantis The Palm 
  2. Palazzo Versace Dubai  
  3. Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort 
  4. Four Seasons Resort Dubai 
  5. Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, Dubai 
  6. Caesars Palace Dubai

Fujairah and Ajman

These emirates are home to some of the most splendid babymoon destinations in UAE. There are a few options that are more picturesque, for eg, in areas like Dibba and Al Aqah. The catch is they are further ahead from the main city but if you are comfortable and are able to manage, these places will serve you as the most amazing babymoon destination in UAE.

  1. Address Beach Resort Fujairah 
  2. Royal M Al Aqah Beach Resort 
  3. Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa 
  4. Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort 

The above-listed properties have been highly recommended by guests and have been shortlisted based on the needs of a pregnant couple. There can be many more to explore. All the best! 

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