Interesting Gifts Ideas for Father’s Day 2023

The fact that society is evolving with respect to its perspective toward mothers is truly commendable. People are more empathetic and we have hope for a better future.  I feel fathers should be the first unsung heroes to eulogize this transformation. As Father’s Day 2023 approaches, it will be a good idea to dedicate this article to amazing dads.  

Of course, there are still many men who have a long way to go to understand the plight of mothers, but there are a lot of fathers now who are now walking along with their partners at every step of the parenthood journey.

Father’s Role in Child Development

The extent to which a father is involved in the initial years of a child will lay a foundation for how close their relationship will be as the child grows. 

Let’s read through some of the very interesting facts found by studies on what a father’s role is in child development:

  1. Research showed that dads who were actively participating in the day-to-day chores related to taking care of their baby, such as bathing, changing diapers, or feeding, resulted in a child growing up to be more confident and forming strong social connections.

2. The cognitive abilities of children entailing high IQ, academics, and language skills were also enhanced if they had a father who made them feel secure and attached.  

3. Because of a mother’s natural instincts, she feels like a safety net for the children. When kids are in distress they run to their mother. However, a father’s strong presence in the upbringing of children makes them secure and learn how to handle tough situations, especially while interacting within risky environments.  

4. There are now several studies to prove that the absence of a father in children’s early years has led them to become more aggressive and depressed. They tend to pick violence and become more aggressive, especially boys when they will have to handle discords with peers.

5. A girl child makes her father a role model for any relationship she will form with a man in the future. He is an idol for his girl who might seek the same qualities or end up with a man with the same negative traits. Whereas for a son, a father is not a role model he would seek in his partner but someone he would want to be. If a father equally participates in the household, the son will follow in the same footsteps.

Fathers should take the summer vacation as an opportunity to spend some quality time with their children. Read 8 Things to Do with Kids During Vacations to explore.

Gifts ideas for Father’s Day 2023

Hence, we now know how crucial a father’s role is in the development of children during their formative years. So, let’s help our little ones find the perfect gift for their father, or find one for our dads too, and make their Father’s Day of 2023 special. The official date for the celebration of Father’s Day in the UAE is fixed for every year, i.e., June 21st. So as the big day arrives, let’s begin planning and buying gifts for Father’s Day.

  1. The one gift that will be most special is something created by the kids themselves. There are several DIY ideas to make cards such as the origami shirt Father’s Day card is which so cute and so creative. Check out some fabulous ideas here. There are many more such ideas you can find through a simple Google search.

2. While doing my research for some unique Father’s Day gift ideas, I came across this wonderful Organizer/Nightstand. It is so perfect for a father who would want to keep his things organized after he comes back from work.

3. Though gifting a watch is one of the most common things, there could always be a need for a new one and if you come across a nice sleek watch, he is going to love it. I found this Michael-Kors-Runway-Black watch so classy that I wanted to buy it immediately.

4. This is for Dads who wouldn’t mind a drink occasionally. My father would have loved this gift. There are some stones that even come with engravings – Best Dad Ever. They come in different shapes. There are also sets with glasses and coasters. Check out some options here.

5. Books are the perfect gift for Father’s Day 2023, for reader Dads. Novels such as The Road by Cormac McCarthy, Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama, or The Forgotten 500 by Gregory A. Freeman are some of the bestsellers, that will be perfect Father’s Day gifts in 2023.

6. You can even collect a lot of customized personalized gift items and put them in a laptop bag and gift for the occasion. For example, I found this cute keychain for Dads, which you can throw in along with a journal or a planner, a pen, etc, and make a perfect Father’s Day gift in 2023.

7. Wallets are a necessity for Dads. So, if you see their current one needing a change, Father’s Day would be the perfect opportunity to change it.

8. A shirt or tie or both are my personal favorite. Clothes are something so basic yet so essential. Club them with a cute handmade card and it becomes an ideal Father’s Day Gift in 2023.

The goal should be to take such days as an opportunity to spend some quality time with family. Hope you all have an amazing Father’s Day with your little ones this year.

Please note that I am neither endorsing nor associating to market any of these products. These are all purely based on my organic research.

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