5 Important Life Lessons to Teach Your Child 

We are living in an era where we are obsessed to do so many things for our children that sometimes, we forget to inculcate the very basic life lessons that will help them to grow up as responsible and mature individuals. Read some popular quotes for kids’ motivations.

The Life Lessons

1. Think of Challenge as a Test.

The first life lesson to teach your child is to not fear obstacles. To tell them that if there is a bump on the road it is just a test of their calibre. It is more important to put all your efforts into doing something rather than worry about losing. 

How to do it– Whether they are preparing for an academic test or a sports race, you can tell them what makes you happy is how they are putting their hundred percent in preparation because that is what matters. Ultimately every child just wants to make their parents proud.

2. Respect, Humility, Kindness & Love.

This is an important life lesson to teach our children because we all want to be treated with respect, love, and kindness. And if we want that, we will have to learn to offer that to other people.

How – This depends a lot on how they see us treating other people around us, especially the less privileged. It is also necessary to remind them of their roots and feel blessed. We have often heard and complained about our parents sharing their struggles in life. How they used to walk miles or swim a river to reach school, or simply how they used to eat whatever they had on their plate, without complaints. It is just aimed at making us feel grateful and humble for the things we have. Try to convey this more like a story than like a lecture and they will surely understand the point. 

3. It is okay to make mistakes, but it’s important to learn.

We must teach our children this important life lesson that every human makes mistakes. It is inevitable. But what is crucial is to learn from them.

How – Every parent knows this tactic as children are bound to make plenty of mistakes and that is simply because they are learning. Emphasize the negative consequences of their actions. Don’t give them the guilt and shame. To know more read 5 Ways to Prevent getting angry at your child.

4. How to distinguish between good and bad people.

This is a very important life lesson to teach our children in today’s day and age when meeting a stranger can start from a ping on your social media. Even though this stage will be more evident in the teens, building a foundation for judging people should begin at an early age. Also, acquainting them with the idea of judging someone’s character and not looks is also an essential life lesson to teach your children.  

How – When kids see you modeling good behaviors, they will have a fair understanding of the right and wrong choices. Judging a person’s character can be tricky to decipher not just for kids but for adults too, but if keep on reinforcing good behavior at home, eventually they will be able to make better choices in the future. 

5. Sense of Responsibility.

A very valuable life lesson to teach your children is for them to understand the meaning of ‘being responsible’. This is essential because it also teaches them leadership skills, which further boosts their confidence.  

How – From a very young age we can coach them on how to help with chores. Praise them when they do something to assist. Also, with responsibility comes accountability. So, for that, you can teach them about owning up. You can be strict about consequences if they don’t take their responsibility seriously. This way they will understand the value of responsibility from a young age. 

How to Teach Life Lessons in the Best Way? 

With the myriad of information available to us nowadays it is impossible to not find something that we are looking for. But how much do we really implement compared to what we gather? Every parent is in a losing endeavor but we keep trying because as parents that’s what we are supposed to do.  

However, the key is easy – become a role model! All those things we want to teach our children, we need to start practicing today, so that they can watch and learn. 

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